Juan José Nievas Aranda. Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Higher School of Engineering of Tarrasa (Barcelona Polytechnic University).

Professional experience.
Over 30 years of professional experience in Spanish civil service and private sector.

1.- Experience in civil sector.
  In 1980, began to work for Motril Town Council (Granada), on a series of jobs and projects, and in 1983 was appointed Head Coordinator of all Council's buildings and services.
     Worked in Town Council until 1985.
     In May 1985, was appointed provincial delegate for Department of Economy, Planning Industry and Energy of Granada province (by Andalusia Autonomous Region Government). Also, was Senior representative of economy, industry and energy sector in Granada province.

     In 1985, was appointed Granada office Chairman of the of Industrial Engineers Official Association of Eastern Andalusia .
     Currently, is a Management Board member of Industrial Engineers Official Association of Eastern Andalusia .

2.- Experience in private sector.

     Currently is a Design Engineer and a businessman, with several companies of his own.

     2.1.- Experience in engineering (Project Manager and Head Engineer).
              Began to work professionally in 1979.
              For over 30 years, carried out over 100 projects and technical supervision of construction and industrial works in several sectors, including purely industrial work (e.g. Metal spinning, ceramics, wood, agricultural processing, conventional energy and renewable energy), technology and telecom sector (University of Granada computerize project and Sierra Nevada mountains radiotelescope); installations in severals hotels and in town planning (broad range of general urgan planning projects, subsidiary planning bylaws, zoning plans, and plans for residential areas).

    2.2.- Bussiness experience

             Since 1987, Mr Nievas has held several positions in business world:
I.T.V. Insular S.A. Managing Director, a concessionary for Spanish MOT service in Canary Islands Autonomous Region.
Aragonesa de servicios ITV Management Board Chairman. This company is a concessionary for Spanish MOT service in Aragon Autonomous Region.
Casapark S.A. Managing Director, a concessionary of parking zones in Roches Noires Commune in Casablanca (Marocco).
Casapark Moulay Youssef S.A.R.L. Manager, a concesssionary of tparking zones in Moulay Youssef Commune in Casablanca (Marocco).

Currently, he is:
Manager and shreholder (50%) in IBAR 93 S.L., a Spanish company that owns El Torreón service area at km 239 on A-92 motorway in Albolote (Granada).
Nievas Hoteles S.L Manager and owner (100%), a Spanish company that developed and owns Hotel Etap on Granada ring road.
Grupo Nievas Desarrollos Urbanos Sostenibles S.L. Manager and owner (100%), a Spanish company that owns land on which it makes big developments and builds residential and commercial buildings.

            TEL: + 34 958 430 856

                Email: info@nievasengineering.com