The company comprises a team of engineers with expertise in several areas and architect based in the province of Granada, in Andalusia, Spain, headed by Juan José Nievas Aranda MSc in Industrial Engineering.

Juan José Nievas Aranda has worked for over thirty years for the government and in private companies. He works with a team of professionals who have over twenty years of experience in engineering, projects and construction work.

The team members are:

Baldomero Delgado Mingorance Road, Canal and Port Engineer. Thirty-five years in the field.

Juan Antonio de Torres-Lacal Echevarria. Architect. Thirty years of experience.

Antonio López Magro. Building surveyor. Fifteen years of experience.

Manuel Gómez Pastor.  MSc in Industrial Engineering. Thirty years of experience.

Francisco Puñal Espinosa.  Industrial Engineer. Forty years of experience

Antonio Luis Pérez Ortega.  Agricultural Engineer. Thirty years of experience.

Eloisa Nievas López. MSc in Chemical Engineering. Six years of experience.

Daniel Gómez Lorente. MSc in Industrial Engineering. Five years of experience.

Juan José Nievas López. Road, Canal and Port Engineer. Civil Engineering.



                                                 TEL: + 34 958 430 856